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Mortgage Broker in Kamloops

For many Canadians, mortgage payments are their single most significant expense. Yet, most don’t comparison shop to ensure they’re getting the best mortgage rate and terms available, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars over their mortgage term. Don’t make the same mistake! From your local mortgage broker in Kamloops, here are ten reasons why you need a mortgage broker working for you:

1. Choice. 

A wide range of lenders, including central banks, credit unions, and other national, regional and private lenders, will instantly become accessible to you, ensuring that your needs match the right mortgage.

 2. Great mortgage rates.

Get money in your pocket by leveraging mortgage intelligence’s clout with lenders. Our stellar reputation and longstanding experience allow us to negotiate excellent mortgage rates and access limited-time specials.

3. A focused expert.

A mortgage is a very significant financial event. That’s why you want someone highly specialized in the mortgage marketplace and focused solely on your needs. You’ll get advice that will significantly impact your financial life. As a mortgage broker, my focus is only on mortgages. It has allowed me to become an expert in my field. CMHC has a fantastic article on all of the professionals who can help you with home buying.

4. Independence & objectivity. 

I work for you, not the lender.

5. Solutions when you need them. 

I can fund bank turndowns, the self-employed, new Canadians, past credit problems, etc. There are mortgages for almost any situation.

6. Save time.

Everything relating to your mortgage can be managed around your busy schedule.

7. Service, service, service.

I’ll be with you every step of the way to answer all your questions, outline your best options, and efficiently guide you through the process.

8. Ongoing support. 

My services don’t stop after the mortgage closes. I will stay with you for the life of your mortgage with advice and opportunities.

9. No cost (OAC).

The winning lender pays compensation for the services and solution provided, which means no fees for you in most cases.

10. Your satisfaction. 

I aim to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your mortgage experience and that you will be happy to refer me to your friends, family and colleagues.

Are you purchasing, renewing or refinancing? Let’s talk!  

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