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As a local business owner and mortgage broker in our Kamloops community, I feel it’s important to give back where you can and where your heart calls.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out my “About Me” page, I would love for you to have a read.

As an open heart surgery survivor and CHD warrior, I advocate for fitness-related activities. And if there is an opportunity to build community, I am there. 

Over the last three weeks, new and old members at Tournament Capital Strength and Conditioning, 161 to be exact, rallied to support each other and raise funds for Kamloops KidSport. The total raised was $1620.00. 


“The reality is that cost keeps 1 in 3 Canadian kids out of organized sport. KidSport provides grants to help cover those costs to ensure that no kid is ever left watching from the sidelines.”

“KidSport supports children who need financial assistance with sport registration fees and equipment costs. We believe that the power of sport and participation promotes the development of children’s social, mental and physical well-being. Through increasing access to quality sport programs, Kid Sport strengthens communities across Canada.”
Read Kamloops Castanet’s article on the recent event here.

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