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It's More Than Just a Mortgage

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The application process only takes a few minutes of your time and is as simple as answering a few questions. Whether you are looking to purchase a new home, renew your existing mortgage or refinance, I can take care of all of your mortgages needs today.


Tara Sales

Hello, I'm Tara Sales, a mortgage broker based out of Kamloops, BC.

I am your local real estate financial advisor and I have a passion for helping people achieve their dreams - and there is no better dream than home ownership.

I have perseverance, I am driven and I am hard working. I believe these qualities help me to provide you with the best interest rate along with other mortgage features that work best for you. Low-interest rates are important, and as your real estate financial advisor, I believe it's vital to have an expert go over the fine details you may not be considering at the time of your purchase, refinance or renewal. Rising inflation, gas prices and food costs can make homeownership or renovations feel out of reach. With a proper plan in place from your trusted mortgage broker, nothing is impossible.
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The benefits of working with a mortgage broker vs your traditional financial institution are gaining recognition by the public.

We do the work and you gain the rewards. As a consumer, there are a variety of mortgage options available to you, but you may not have the time to shop all of these options nor check the fine print. We can do that for you!”
Our advice is independent and unbiased. Our access to multiple lenders does not tie us to only one lender. When we are advising it is in the consumer's best interest.
Let's talk about interest rates and variety. Again, as brokers, our access to a wide range of lenders gives us the ability to provide you with access to a wide range of rates and features.
Mortgages – this is what we do; this is our specialty. We thoroughly know all available products, features and rates, which is why we can show you why one product is better for you than another in the long term.
Mortgage brokers know their lenders. They have long developed relationships with them. They know they are secure, reputable and established. As a result, we have access to some innovative broker-only lenders when you think the possible is impossible.

It's More Than Just a Mortgage

  • Purchase, Renewal, Refinance and Investment
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Market trends
  • The real estate buying and selling process
  • Strategic planning for your first or next mortgage purchase

Loan Products & Programs

Fixed & Variable Rate Mortgages

Lines of Credit

Purchase plus Improvements

Many more financing options available

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Contact Me and Find Your Home!

The mortgage process can be a stressful experience. From my experience, I know. I endeavour this to not be the same for my clients. During the process, I keep my clients updated. I am always available to my clients for questions and concerns.


Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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